The information for this map was provided by students in Professor Nackenoff’s fall 2016 American Elections class at Swarthmore College (POLS 22). Each student was responsible for two states and researched changes in election laws affecting registration rules and procedures, early voting, absentee voting, mail-in balloting, college student voting, voting by convicted felons, voter ID, and more following the election of 2000. Since the Indiana photo ID law of 2005 was upheld by the Supreme Court in 2008 and was implemented there (along with another strict photo ID law in Georgia) in that year, and a number of other states followed in their wake, we focused most of our attention on changes made 2006 and afterward. If there were multiple changes affecting any specific dimension we investigated, only the most recent is mapped (although the state detail page should reflect the history of those changes since 2000). A few visual displays of information were entered in advance of the student assignment [e.g., states covered in whole or in part by preclearance provisions of the Voting Rights Act at the time of Shelby County v. Holder (2013) and states casting their electoral votes 5 or 6 of the last 6 presidential elections for the same party]. WordPress was used to generate the map and the display of information for each state. A summer 2016 SPEED grant (Swarthmore Projects for Educational Exploration and Development) brought the talents of software developers, librarians, academic technologists, and student interns to bear on design, data display, and accessibility for those with disabilities. Questions or comments may be directed to cnacken1@swarthmore.edu.